We understand inclusive education as a process that does not exclude or segregate any student from the opportunities to learn, develop and participate in the activities of the educational community.

Requires policies and practices that enable educational communities to prepare conditions for belonging, nurturing and educating all children and young people regardless of their differences in culture, gender, language, skills, socioeconomic status and ethnicity, emphasizing a democratic perspective that seeks to minimize inequality through preparing for citizenship as a way of life.

Chile has decided to embrace the dream of an inclusive and high-quality education, however, there are currently fundamental problems that affect the possibilities of moving forward.

We are a research center whose main objective is to develop transdisciplinary research on the individual, organizational, and policy-level factors necessary for achieving a quality inclusive education; to support public policies through the proposal and transference of evidence-based interventions and strategies for an inclusive education, and to form advanced human capital for research in inclusive education. These objectives are implemented through nine research lines.